St. Patrick's Church was Estd in July 1841
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St. Patrick's Cemetery

The Roman Catholic Cemetery at Hosur Road has always been under the supervision of St. Patrick's Church. It was first established in 1871, at a time when a number of British Soldiers serving in India were parishioners of St. Patrick's.

Today the cemetery has been divided into 19 plots, and each grave is numbered on a plan, plot wise, so that it can be easily located by contacting the cemetery supervisor.

Parishioners of St. Patrick's have a right to be buried in the cemetery. Catholic non-parishioners whose families wish them to be buried there are, however never refused.

In recent years, a series of niches have been constructed at the near end of the Cemetery. They are used to store the ashes of persons who have opted for cremation.

The Cemetery-in-charge is Mr. Dilip D'souza. Please contact the Parish Office for any enquiries related to the cemetery.