St. Patrick's Church was Estd in July 1841
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Faith Formation Sub-Committee

Children and adults who are preparing to receive the sacrament of Confirmation are requested to register your names in the Parish Office. We will be having online classes for the confirmants. The date of confirmation will be announced shortly.

All children of the parish between the ages of 5 to 15 are required to attend the Faith Formation (Catechism) classes that are conducted by the parish. Please contact the Faith Formation in charge Ms. Rosaline Farias +91 9945236389 for information regarding Faith Formation.


Role Representative Contact #
Faith Formation (Clergy) Head Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Christy Raj Issac +91 93428 20070
Faith Formation (Lay) In-charge / Secretary Ms. Rosaline Farias +91 99452 36389
Liturgical Sub-Committee (Lay) In-charge / Secretary Mr. Mark Braganza +91 98454 01680
Ex-officio - Spiritual Advisor Parish Priest / Asst. Parish Priest +91 99452 36389
Ex-officio - President of St. Patrick's P.P.C.
(i.e. Pres. of Co-ordinating Committee of P.P.C.)
Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Christy Raj Issac +91 96867 09660
Ex-officio - Secretary of St. Patrick's P.P.C.
(i.e. Sec. of Co-ordinating Committee of P.P.C.)
Dr. Vasantha Bastian +91 98440 21493

In addition to the Office Bearers of this Sub-Committee, we have an active and vibrant team of Members. Those who would like to help by teaching catechism to our children may kindly contact the Sub-Committee (Lay) In-charge / Secretary.