St. Patrick's Church was Estd in July 1841

Shopping and Business Complex

The construction of the Shopping and Business Complex was commenced during the early 70's, when St. Patrick's Church was in a financial crisis. The initiative was taken by Msgr. T. Jabamalai, the then parish priest. The construction was carried out block-wise. Currently, St. Patrick's Complex consists of 'A' Block, 'B' Block and 'C' Block besides 2 more buildings.

The Complex, which has 104 tenants, is mainly leased to doctors, lawyers, engineers, financial institutions, etc. to carry out their business activities. To facilitate the tenants, the Church Authorities have provided 2 lifts, round-the-clock security guards and building maintenance staff.

The maintenance of the Complex is carried out daily by the maintenance staff, with adequate water, electricity, drainage, etc. While renting out the shops and rooms appropriate screening steps have been taken to ensure that the new tenants are suitable. St. Patrick's Complex is situated in the heart of Garden City of Bangalore at the junction of Brigade Road and Residency Road. Mr. Maria Joseph, Retired Engineer from BEL, is the Manager of the Shopping and Business Complex.