St. Patrick's Church was Estd in July 1841

Youth Apostolate Sub-Committee

St. Patrick's Youth looks after formation programmes and leadership courses for young people, promotes their participation in the parish and civil life, prepares them for life and, to the extent possible, provides for recreation facilities.


Role Representative Contact #
Youth Apostolate Sub-Committee (Clergy) Head Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Christy Raj Issac +91 93428 20070
Youth Apostolate (Lay) In-charge / President Marcia V. Anand +91 98861 86007
Vice President Kenneth Murray +91 99721 88136
Treasurer Abila Mercilyn +91 82960 40797
Ex-officio - Spiritual Advisor Parish Priest / Asst. Parish Priest +91 99022 26675
Ex-officio - President of St. Patrick's P.P.C.
(i.e. Pres. of Co-ordinating Committee of P.P.C.)
Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Christy Raj Issac +91 96867 09660

In addition to the Office Bearers of this Sub-Committee, we have an active and vibrant team of Members. Those interested in joining this Sub-Committee may kindly contact the Sub-Committee (Lay) In-charge / President. St. Patrick's Youth meet every alternate Sunday after the 11:15 AM Mass.