St. Patrick's Church was Estd in July 1841
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Ladies of Charity

The Ladies Of Charity

President: Mrs. Stella Monga (+91 8147971118)
Vice - President: Mrs. Loretta Naidu (+91 9844187200)
Secretary : Mrs. Jenny D'Lemos (+91 9739670944)
Treasurer: Mrs. Lynette Tharaken (+91 9880376761)

Monthly Meeting - The first Thursday of every month at 4.30 pm.

The very first Conference of the LADIESOF CHARITY was established in France in the year 1617, as a result of the great concern and deep anguish expressed by a French woman, Louise de Marillac, who approached her Parish Priest, Vincent de Paul, to report the extremely inhuman conditions of a family living in sickness and dire poverty on a farm in her hometown. Together, Louise de Marillac and Vincent de Paul appealed for assistance from their Parish congregation, so that they could provide the much needed help to the family.

Help poured in from all sides and they were able to put the family back on their feet. However, the help that arrived was too much, at one time, and they had to devise a plan of action to manage the material help that was pouring in. So they organized a group of ladies to provide this service to the needy around them, and thus was born the Association of the Ladies of Charity, which is now spread around the world! Moreover, a similar organized group for men was established under the name of the Society of Vincent de Paul, who also do charitable works worldwide. Pope Pius XI who canonized Louise de Marillac, proposed her as the model of the LADIES OF CHARITY.

The organization of the Ladies of Charity of St. Patrick's Church was born on 11th June 1956, under the guidance of the then Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. L. Vampeene and his Assistant Rev. Fr. Jovita de Souza. The Ladies have, over the last 59 years, been a powerful instrument of the Parish's Mission in reaching out to the poor and needy and now also serve in various other capacities according to the needs of the Parish. Since economic conditions today have improved considerably, sickness and poverty have become less of a concern. The Association now assists the Parish in various other areas, one of the main services being the management of the St. Anthony's Shrine on Tuesdays, from 6.00 am till 10.00 pm. The Bread donated at the shrine on Tuesdays, is distributed by the Ladies on Wednesday morning to various deserving orphanages and charitable homes. Besides these, a mid-day meal for the less privileged students of the St. Patrick's Composite College, medicines for the needy, funeral expenses (in part) for the poor, occasionally rations or a free meal for the poor are funded by the organization. Home visits, of those who seek help from the organization, are carried out by the ladies whenever the need arises.

Some of the ladies assist the children of the St. Patrick's Boys' Home with their studies every evening, and also render any other help when required, to the Sisters who manage the home.Birthday parties,once a month, are organized for these children, along with gifts. To help foster fellowship among the parish community, every Sunday a 'Fellowship Breakfast' from 8.00 am to 12 noon is managed by the Ladies.

A lot more can be done and opportunities to render help do arise, but additional members are greatly needed, to join hands in our endeavour to serve. We appeal to the ladies of our parish to please come forward and be enrolled and render help to serve the Church and its people.