St. Patrick's Church was Estd in July 1841

Laity Sub-Committee - Legion of Mary (Pious Association)

St. Patrick's Church has formed a Core Team to ensure compliance with the guidelines framed by the Government and by the Archdiocese to ensure that Liturgical services and Parish events are conducted with the necessary safety protocols.


Role Representative Contact #
Legion of Mary (Clergy) Head Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Christy Raj Issac +91 96867 09660
Legion of Mary (Lay) In-charge / President Ms. Wilma Pinto +91 98860 20317
Legion of Mary (Lay) In-charge / President (Tamil) Mr. John Leonard +91 99168 96446
Vice President Ms. Amala Joseph +91 96329 61133
Secretary Ms. Zorina Mathias +91 96203 65897
Treasurer Ms. Mildred Menezes +91 98454 26746
Ex-officio - Spiritual Advisor Parish Priest / Asst. Parish Priest +91 99022 26675
Ex-officio - President of St. Patrick's P.P.C.
(i.e. Pres. of Co-ordinating Committee of P.P.C.)
Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Christy Raj Issac +91 96867 09660

In addition to the Office Bearers of this Sub-Committee, we have an active and vibrant team of Members. Those interested in joining this Sub-Committee may kindly contact the Legion of Mary (Lay) In-charge / President.

The English group meets every Monday at 4:15 PM.
The Tamil group meets every Sunday from 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM.

The Legion of Mary fosters lay participation in the Church. The Legion of Mary is the largest apostolic organization of lay people in the Catholic Church, with well over 3 million active members in almost every country of the world. It was founded in Dublin, Ireland by Frank Duff on September 7th, 1921. The Legion has been set up for the purpose of rejuvenating the Catholic faith and rededicating one's life to God through prayer and Apostolic work. The Legionaries hope to render themselves worthy of their great Heavenly Queen by their loyalty, their virtues, and their courage.

The basic unit of the Legion is called a Praesidium, which is normally based in a parish. The Praesidium, usually a group of 3-20 members, meets weekly in its parish. The Curia is the next level up, and one Curia supervises several Praesidia. The first Praesidium of the Legion of Mary had its birth in Karnataka on 9th November 1936 at St. Patrick's Church, under the name 'Comforter of the Afflicted'. Sr. Mary Everett was responsible for starting this Praesidium, and it has, since then, had over 4800 meetings. The Praesidium at St. Patrick's Parish is the oldest in Karnataka, and it has celebrated its Platinum Jubilee in the year 2011. Our Parish also has a Tamil Legion and now a Junior Legion.

Meetings are conducted every Monday at 4:15PM. Along with the Holy Rosary and Tessera1 Prayers at the meeting, the Legion also carries out weekly duties like visiting the sick, visiting hospitals & homes for the aged, visiting orphanages, teaching poor students, doing Church support work etc. The legion also conducts and participates in various functions like Acies2, indoor functions, outdoor functions, pilgrimages, picnics, and reunion functions.

1. Tessera Prayers: the prayers contained in the leaflet of the Legion, which is called a Tessera
2. Acies: a Church function which is held annually about the Feast of the Annunciation for the members to renew their consecration to Mary