St. Patrick's Church was Estd in July 1841
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Family Apostolate Sub-Committee (Clergy) Head

The Family Apostolate takes care of Marriage Preparation, Family Life Education, Marriage Counselling, Responsible Parenthood, Education of Children etc.


Role Representative Contact #
Family Apostolate Sub-Committee Head Parish Priest Msgr. C. Francis +91 93428 20070
Family Apostolate Sub-Committee (Lay) In-Charge / Secretary Ms. Amita Braganza +91 98860 20317
Joint Secretary Ms. Arathi Kallappa +91 99805 89350
Treasurer Ms. Connie Lobo +91 98457 79081
Ex-officio - Spiritual Advisor Parish Priest / Asst. Parish Priest
Ex-officio - President of St. Patrick's P.P.C.
(i.e. Pres. of Co-ordinating Committee of P.P.C.)
Parish Priest Msgr. C. Francis
Ex-officio - Secretary of St. Patrick's P.P.C.
(i.e. Sec. of Co-ordinating Committee of P.P.C.)
Dr. Vasantha Bastian

In addition to the Office Bearers of this Sub-Committee, we have an active and vibrant team of Members. Those interested in joining this Sub-Committee may kindly contact the Sub-Committee (Lay) In-charge / Secretary.